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Winter 2021 U9 Beginners Sunday, Cupertino/Santa Clara 11.15AM-12.45PM

Package Cost : $210.00

Start Date : 01/24/2021- End Date : 02/28/2021

** Location - CCA nets at new Luther Elementary School field in Santa Clara/Cupertino. Address - 315 Woodhams Road, Santa Clara This is new field with state of the art facility located close to existing Cupertino Facility. ** Curriculum - 6 weeks long session for 90 minutes each with senior coach. Training will take place under strict COVID guidelines. We have restricted number of players to 8 per batch. Masks are compulsory and there is clear guideline about social distance posted. Beginners class will continue to solidify batting and bowling skills along with fielding and endurance. Fun games at the end of the class. Players will benefit from Personal attention due to small batch size.

TBA - Spring 2021 Batch Cupertino, Fremont, Santa clara March-June

Package Cost : $0.00

Start Date : 11/01/2019-End Date : 02/29/2020

Exact dates will be announced later for the weekend sessions in winter.

TBA - Spring 2021 Batch Cupertino, Santa Clara, Cupertino - March-June

Package Cost : $0.00

Start Date : 03/01/2021-End Date : 06/05/2020