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Spring 2019, Cupertino - U9 Beginners, Saturday 11.00-12.30PM

Package Cost : $280.00

Start Date : 03/16/2019- End Date : 05/18/2019

Register for 10 weeks of Skills development classes using various fun drills. Our internationally certified Coaches will focus on small group of players to improve their skills to play technically sound cricket. Coaches will conduct games at the end of the class to teach game skills and enjoy some competitive cricket with targets. There will be additional focus on fielding also. Players will be moved to intermediate and advanced as they learn the basics as we offer classes entire year. Location - Classes will be at our cricket nets at Collins Elementary school in Cupertino. It is easy to access nets from the Brighter horizon day care center's parking lot.

Spring 2019, Cupertino - U10 Intermediate, Saturdays 9.00-11.00AM

Package Cost : $340.00

Start Date : 03/16/2019- End Date : 05/18/2019

This class is for Annual members, current students in the same batch and those who have been recommended by coaches from beginners classes. During these 10 sessions of 2 hours, players will learn to get out of their comfort zone and practice different shots, special drills for different types of bowlers. There will be additional focus on fielding and further honing motor skills. Games will be played at the end of these sessions. Location - Cricket nets at Collins Elementary School in Cupertino

Spring 2019, Cupertino - U12 Intermediates, Sundays 11.00-1.00PM

Package Cost : $340.00

Start Date : 03/17/2019- End Date : 05/19/2019

Location - Collins Elementary Schools, Cupertino, During these 10 sessions of 120 minutes each, our skilled coaches will focus on teaching different shots, playing against spin and pace bowling and advanced bowling drills to refine technique further for maximum performance. Goal will be significantly improve performance, improve focus and improve judgement about choosing correct approach. Drills and skills used to develop technique, mental awareness and tactics for bowling, batting and fielding! These players will qualify for our annual membership starting March of 2019.

Summer 2018 June and July coming up in Cupertino, Fremont, Evergreen

Package Cost : $0.00

Start Date : 06/01/2018-End Date : 08/11/2018

Various age and skill level classes. Details to follow.