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Winter 2021, Palo Alto, U11 Junior Saturdays 3.00-4.30PM (No Classes Dec 20th till Jan 5th)

Package Cost : $300.00

Start Date : 01/08/2022- End Date : 02/26/2022

Location - BayLands Athletic center, 1900 Geng Road, Palo Alto ** Curriculum - 8 weeks-long, 90 minutes sessions with internationally certified coaches. Strict county COVID guidelines are to be followed. Masks are mandatory. Prerequisite for Junior's class - Upon coaches recommendation from Beginner classes Focus for Junior Class - Skill refinement - play a variety of shots, advanced bowling, and fielding drills w/ expectation of consistent shot making, bowling accuracy, and strong fielding. Coaches will work on the overall skills required for games. Players advance to the annual membership after this class upon recommendation from the coach which will include weekly games, tournaments, and additional coaching time. Make-up classes will be offered towards the end for the classes washed out due to rain. CCA offers Year-round training. Follow us for regular updates - Insta - @cca_calcricket

Fall 2021 camp coming up in Cupertino, Fremont, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Evergreen

Package Cost : $0.00

Start Date : 08/23/2021-End Date : 10/31/2021

Various age and skill level classes. Details to follow.